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PTWT works in collaboration with a number of organisations who support us in our work:

Pembroke Castle.png

Pembroke Castle – The Castle have been consistently supportive of our work and allow us to use the bailey for our annual fundraising Party in the Castle.  This enables us to raise over £1,000 each year.   

Reformed Church.jpg

Tabernacle United Reformed Church is based in Pembroke Main Street and is open for the community.  Pembroke Town Walls Trust uses its renovated vestry for meetings from time to time. 

Tywi Centre.gif

The Tywi Centre promotes the care and repair of the old buildings of West Wales through providing information, training and support to homeowners, builders, agents and building professionals.    They have worked with us and the College to develop and deliver the training courses.


Construction Industry Training Board’s Advisor for South West Wales, Helen Murray, has provided us with advice and support for several years and continues to do so whenever we ask her.  


The Friends of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (FPCNP) is an independent voluntary charity, founded in 1991, to help to protect, conserve and enhance the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for all who live, work or visit here, to enjoy both now and in the future. They are founding members of the Alliance for Welsh Designated Landscapes and the Welsh National Park Societies and work with other groups who seek to conserve our countryside.  Their volunteers help us from time to time clearing the invasive vegetation on and around the walls.


PLANED is committed to supporting communities in Pembrokeshire, to improve their quality of life by focusing on their opportunities, harnessing potential and helping them to achieve their aspirations.  Based in Narberth, in the heart of the County, they have over 30 years’ experience.  So, it was PLANED we approached to help us to take over the leadership of the Pembroke Heritage Forum towards the end of 2018.  Stuart Berry, their Cultural Co-ordinator, has done this ever since.  

Wildlife Trust.jpg

The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales, Pembrokeshire Branch manage Pembroke’s Upper Millpond nature reserve, which is bordered by the northern Pembroke Town Walls.  Nathan Walton, their Wildlife Officer, and a committed group of volunteers have been helping us to clear the vegetation on the walls so that we can survey and photograph them and assess the priority of the work that needs to be done.   


Pembroke 21C Community Association based in Foundry House on Pembroke Commons.  The Charity established the Pembroke Story Project, now based in the Tabernacle United Reformed Church, and is creating a heritage garden, the Journey Through Time inside the town and burgage walls at the rear of the church, which PTWT used for our pilot project.  A partnership agreement was established and signed by the three organisations to develop the project.   Pembroke Town Walls Trust has its registered office there and uses it for meetings and events. 

Pemb College.png

Pembrokeshire College’s Faculty of Engineering and Construction have worked with us to start to develop training in heritage stone masonry skills for students undertaking construction courses.  They have hosted two courses.  One in May 2018, a short introduction to stone masonry for students with some experience of brick laying, and another longer 20 week course over 2019/2020 for students undertaking brick laying.  
Both were led by the Tywi Centre in Carmarthenshire and were very successful.  We hope to continue to work with the College to develop this work and establish heritage stone masonry as a core subject.


Tanyard Youth Project, Postcards & Podcasts Project.  The Project was established in the Tanyard in 2018.  Our Heritage Our Future, it connects young people with their community and heritage in Pembrokeshire.  The project has made a couple of podcasts about the Pembroke Town Walls. 

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