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Added 12th April 2022

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Learning to place stones correctly

The training courses were designed especially for the project by the Tywi Centre based in Llandeilo and were led by Oliver Coe of Coe Stone Ltd in Haverfordwest.  Advice on training young people in the skills needed for work in the sector was received from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). 


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Removing & sorting stones

The first of two taster courses in heritage stone masonry has taken place with ten students of construction from Pembrokeshire College.  The courses are part of the project to develop a long-term management plan for the Pembroke Town Walls Trust being funded by the UK Community Renewal Fund.  The second course will take place in May with another group of students. 

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As the week progressed, so did the wall...

All the students were registered by Cyfle Building Skills with their On Site Hub which was funded by CITB.  This provided them with laptops to complete their training online and gave them a set of tools with which to go on site to work on one of Pembroke’s burgage walls for the second week. 

Pembrokeshire College are arranging for one or two of the students to undertake some further work experience with Oliver Coe to restore the west wall of the Civil War gun platform along Pembroke’s north walls. 

Arwyn Williams, Head of Faculty Engineering, Computing, Construction and Higher Education at the College, said, “The learners have had a tremendous experience and the project has been a complete success.  Oliver has done an exceptional job of engaging the learners and we should all be very proud of the last two weeks and months of planning.  Thanks to the Pembroke Town Walls Trust for having the vision to set out the project.”

Added 27th March 2022


The first training course in building heritage stone walls  started on Monday 21st March at Pembrokeshire College.  Funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund, the course is a taster for construction students at the College, designed by the Tywi Centre in Carmarthen.  The students are being taught by expert stone mason Oliver Coe of Coe Stone Ltd and their College Lecturer James Roach John.  On Monday 28th March they will be restoring a burgage wall in Pembroke.   

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Added 27th March 2022

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The first guided walk around the town and walls took place on Tuesday 15th March led by Howard Rudge.  A walking group from Saundersfoot enjoyed fascinating anecdotes and the stories of Pembroke's heritage along the walls and Main Street and finished with a great lunch in the Castle Cafe.   

March 2022 Town walls walk 2.jpg

Added 15th March 2022


Pembroke Town Walls Trust is now pleased to announce a grant it has received from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.  The fund is managed in Pembrokeshire by the County Council.

An exciting project is underway to plan the long-term restoration and management of Pembroke’s medieval town walls, to invest in skills, community and place, local businesses and to support young people into employment. 

Pembroke Town Walls Trust is more than just the walls.  The project will develop a new and linked social enterprise, to deliver training in heritage stone masonry and work with local stone masons to restore the walls and offer work experience and apprenticeships.

The training was successfully piloted in 2019 with students in construction skills from Pembrokeshire College, managed by Tywi Centre in Carmarthen.  There will be two courses, each two weeks long, the first held in the construction department at Pembrokeshire College, and the second week practical work on the town walls themselves. 

Oliver Coe of Coe Stone Ltd will lead the training and work with Cyfle Building Skills to offer work experience restoring the west wall of the Civil War gun platform. 

Pembroke is a historic town still very much on its medieval layout with long narrow burgage plots leading down to the outer walls.  This is rare and needs to be conserved.

This project will work closely with the owners of six of the properties along the Mill Pond Walk, which are either scheduled ancient monuments or listed heritage structures.  A ground-breaking innovative approach to dealing with the complex issues involved with multiple private ownership of historic structures will take a three-way approach.

The Trust will adapt a model lease for each owner to enable funding to be found and work to be carried out on their walls.  Secondly, they are working with Cadw to deliver the first Heritage Partnership Agreements in Wales.  Finally, the Trust will establish a means for owners, the community and local businesses to have a stake in their work for the long term through the sale of shares. 

An important part of the project is to commission research for a Masters’ student at Cardiff University to explore a broad method for valuing heritage assets which will extend the current envelope of methods employed to value heritage within Wales.

Young people from the Tanyard Youth Project’s Postcards & Podcasts project are also involved by filming the training to make a documentary and they have made a film about this project called More Than the Walls. 

Guided walks around the walls will be offered each month for local people and visitors to learn about their history and the plans to restore them. 

The project is being externally evaluated by Jake Elster-Jones and a management plan will be written and delivered to guide the Trust over the years to come. 

Elizabeth Gossage

Chair of Trustees of Pembroke Town Walls Trust

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Talking with Cadw re HPAs in the walled garden 1.jpg

Talking with Cadw about Heritage Partnership Agreements in the walled garden behind Tabernacle Church

Walking along Millpond Walk with Cadw 2.jpg

Walking along the Mill Pond Walk to survey walls with Cadw

Mae’r prosiect hwn yn cael ei ariannu gan Lywodraeth y DU trwy Gronfa Adfywio Cymunedol y DU.

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund

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Pembroke’s "Garden Through Time" was officially opened by Pembroke's Mayor, Cllr. Linda Asman and Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Jonathan Nutting on Sunday 5th September.

Rev.Stella Hayton, The Minister of the Tabernacle United Reformed Church in Pembroke’s Main Street, welcomed 53 guests, including congregation, funders and project organisers to her 11am service preceding the official opening of the garden project.  The project was undertaken in partnership with the United Reformed Church, Pembroke Town Walls Trust and Pembroke 21C Community Association.  The late Nikki Anderson, creator of the Pembroke Story, on display in the church, planned the garden some years ago. 

Added 17th November 2021


Have a look at our latest promotional video

"We Are More Than Just The Walls"

premiered at the

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority / PLANED Archaeology Day on 20th November 2021

Added 28th December 2021


Enjoy this lovely video that Will Hogg, the young son of one of the people who completed the garden, has made.  

A tour through the Garden Through Time at the Tabernacle Church in Pembroke which shows off the restored walls surrounding it.  

It was delightful to be able to assemble safely in the church and it's grounds, still adhering to precautions necessary, as a result of the pandemic. 
A touch of normality for us all, celebrating such a significant event in the history of the church and Pembroke town.   Huge thanks on behalf of us all to Rev. Hayton for ensuring that this was possible.
Rev.Haton gave three most apt and poignant readings during the service.  The first referencing " Creation " from Genesis Ch 2; secondly, referencing " Facing Life's Challenges " Luke Ch 22 and finally referencing "Healing" Revelations Ch 22.  We read hymns silently from the order of service whilst organist Dai Rees played each beautiful melody.
At the end of the service, Chris Atherton, Project Manager for both the Tabernacle and the Town Walls Trust, thanked project funders.  Howard Rudge, the current Project Manager and Treasurer for the Pembroke Town Walls Trust gave an interesting account of the pitfalls and resolutions leading to the success of the garden project.
Elizabeth Gossage, Pembroke Town Walls Trust Chair, spoke finally to explain the background to the garden project and thanking John Hayes, John Hogg M.B.E. and Joan Marsh for the final laying out and planting of the garden. Much gratitude was also expressed for the assistance of Valero's Community Volunteers. 

Rev Hayton then invited guests into the church forecourt for coffee and Mary Williams delicious homemade Welsh Cakes which were kindly served by members of the congregation, prior to the garden opening by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.
Once in the garden guests were served Pembroke Apple Juice by David and Jeanette Halsted.  The shape of things to come, in what we know will be a superb venue for church and community events in the future of the garden.
The lovely photos you see here, kindly taken by Gwen Griffiths, depict a very happy celebration of a very successful project. 
The project would not have been possible without local and national funding as Chris Atherton mentioned.   Therefore, the partners wish to thank the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Cadw, The Pilgrim Trust, Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembroke Town Council, John Hayes and Melanie Phillips, who contributed to the viewing platform in memory of her late father Mervyn Phillips.  
Last but not least, a massive thank you to everyone who attended the Pembroke Tabernacle Garden Through Time Opening event.
You were all vital in this celebration.




Pembroke's medieval town walls are degrading very rapidly under the attack of the vegetation thereon. Ivy, saplings and tree roots are gradually lifting, cracking and separating the stonework and the Walls are now in sad decline.  Those of you who walk along the North Walls on the Millpond will have seen the various stages of deterioration from cracking and holes appearing, to total collapse. This is your precious heritage that is now in serious danger and it could soon reach a point where not enough money can be found to correct the impending disaster.
The Pembroke Town Walls Trust has embarked on a long term maintenance and repair programme working with the Wall Owners, Pembrokeshire County Council and CADW that will last for many years to come. Having completed its major repair work at the Tabernacle Church Site, the Trust will be expanding its operations over the next twelve months and will keep the community informed as the programme of works develops. Many of you will have seen our first repair work on the North Walls underway on the site known as the Gun Platform, not far from the Town Bridge.

As part of this programme, teams of volunteers from the Wild Life Trust, led by Nathan Walton, the Wild Life Trust's Officer for Pembrokeshire, together with the Coast National Park volunteer team led by the Park Ranger, Chris Taylor, have been helping the Trust for the last eighteen months on a maintenance routine to keep the vegetation on the face of the walls under control. The attached photograph shows part of the Wild Life Trust team removing the most recent growth from the North Walls on Wednesday 7th October 2020. Removal of the vegetation reduces the weight of growth on the walls and root penetration into the lime mortar. 
The Town Walls Trust is very grateful to to Nathan, Chris and their hardworking, dedicated teams who return every six months to clear the pernicious vegetation. 
In the near future the Trust will be trimming back the ivy growing on the tops of the walls so that we can inspect the current condition of the wall tops, long hidden from view, and plan a programme of maintenance and repair for the tops. 

Nathan Walton.jpg

Nathan Walton, the Wildlife Trust Officer for Pembrokeshire, who led the work party.  

Press Release - Gun Platform 1.03.21 (2)



Pembroke Town Walls Trust Trustees, Martin Bell and Howard Rudge, Gun Platform Project Manager, recently visited the site with Cllr.Josh Beynon.

As previously reported, Cllr. Aaron Carey also visited the site, some months ago.  Cllrs. Carey and Beynon both fully support the aims of the Trust with specific interest in this first restoration project on the North Walls.   Councillor Carey sent a very supportive letter to the Trust saying his support is “Not only with regards to repairing and maintaining our historic walls but also the approach you have taken towards it; dealing with a variety of different partners and volunteers as well as enabling training for those learning a trade is a fantastic way to embed in the community and make this colossal project something that all of Pembroke can be proud of. I wish you the best of luck going forward, and I hope to continue to create a great working relationship between myself as local County Council member and the Town Walls Trust as well as another supportive voice for you in with Pembrokeshire County Council.”

Trustees look forward to their continued support and future visits to the site.

Trustees are also pleased to announce, at this positive stage in the restoration work, that the Pledge A Stone match funding figure now stands at £1005. Public support locally and nationwide has been unbelievable. This figure has been realised in 12 weeks.  We are quite sure that everyone who has pledged will be as excited as we are at the success of idea to match fund Cadw's grant of £4125.

Your support is appreciated massively particularly during this pandemic. We hope to meet with you all when safe to do so.    

As this latest photo shows, work has moved around the Gun Platform to the East Wall restoration area. The scaffolding now having been assembled to enable sheltered working for the stonemasons during inclement weather.

Our thanks once again to everyone mentioned here. Your interest and encouragement is priceless.

Please take a look at the new Pembroke Town Walls Trust website (www.pembroketownwallstrust.co.uk ) and Facebook page @pembroketownwallstrust which is regularly updated on funds and projects.

Join us too as a Trustee or volunteer., we look forward to hearing from you. 


Elizabeth Gossage, the Acting Chair, giving her report, referred to the past very difficult and unpredictable year for the Trust. 
The 2020 AGM was scheduled for the day after lockdown and was therefore cancelled. As a result, the 14th May 2019 minutes were approved at the 11th May 2021 AGM. There were no matters arising.
Fundraising events, next mentioned, vital to Pembroke Walls Trust income, were not possible this year. Particularly not being able to plan the annual " Party In the Castle" held since the Summer of 2014.
The support of Pembroke Castle Manager and Trustees is priceless for this annual event. We hope that a super event can take place next year. 
We have had so many enquiries, it will be terrific to organise again, a little normality for us all.  We look forward to seeing you.  

The main project currently ongoing, being the restoration of the Pembroke North Walls, Mill Pond Walk, Gun Platform. Do walk along and observe the progress. It is a wondeful achievment so far. Work has proceeded, thanks to a grant from Cadw.
The Trust's contractor has since given a young man from Monkton an apprenticeship in stone masonry training, having formerly engaged him in work experience. Further work experience is planned for another young man from Milford Haven.


Pembroke Town Walls Trust's new website was launched this year. A local graduate of the Postcards and Podcasts project created a very modern new edition, which is continually updated. 
The Treasurer, Mr Howard Rudge, reported a satisfactory cash flow, enabling the Trust to cover it's running costs, in spite of the lack of fundraising.
However, membership renewal fees were slow, owing to our not having Face to Face AGMs, when normally it is so easy for us all to pay.
We can advise that your membership renewal fee can be addressed to the Treasurer and posted or delivered to Foundry Hse,  Commons Rd, Pembroke, at your convenience.
Trustee, Peter Thomas, proposed the acceptance of the The Annual Report and Accounts seconded by Life Member, Dr.Cllr.Simon Hancock.
The meeting was unanimously in favour.

At this point of the report, thanks our extended, on behalf of the Trust, to those members who joined the meeting via the Zoom link and those who gave their apologies. 
The meeting concluded with the relection of Trustees and the formal proposals of co-opted Trustee members.
Trustees are now, Elizabeth Gossage, Martin Bell, Peter Thomas, Daphne Bush, Adrian James, Laura Evans, Malcolm White.
Mrs Elizabeth Gossage was also elected as the future Chair.
Mr Howard Rudge was elected to continue as Treasurer.
The meeting was in favour of all elections.
Final thanks on behalf of the Chair, Treasurer and Trustees to Anna Allen, Trust Minute Secretary for her superb minutes and IT support this year.