Pembroke Town & Castle circa 1840

In 2011 a group of town’s people formally constituted the Pembroke Town Wall’s Trust. Made up of wall owners, representatives of organisations from the local community and other interested individuals who are all committed to seeking ways to ensure the preservation of the historic Town Walls of Pembroke.


Our Mission

Working in partnership with a wide range of partners and stakeholders we aim to protect and conserve the archaeology, promote understanding and access, and realise the potential of the historic site to contribute to the social and economic benefit of our local community through local skills development, sustainable tourism development and sense of place.

Pembroke’s Town Walls are of National and International importance.
— Prince’s Foundation

The Trust aims:

  • to repair and consolidate the remains of the Pembroke Town Walls
  • to identify and maximise funding opportunities for the project
  • to raise awareness of the significance of the Town Walls locally, nationally and internationally
  • to realise the potential of the project for local skills development, educational purposes, heritage, tourism and the local economy, promoting sustainability and the use of local materials and resources